What is screw- log washer ?

What is screw- log washer ?

What is screw- log washer ?

23.08.2021 06:56

What is aggregate and washing plants ?

In Today contemporary world construction industry has got very big importance on conuntries development. Companies which has expertise on construction materials must provide quality products to meet intrmational standarts in terms of maximum reistance material to ensure long life buildings.

In this context, Aggregate has the key role to pace up with international standarts. Construction companies geenrally provide aggregate and sand from supplier or they produce it themselves. Aggregate production may be carried out in some ways for exemeple they explode the mine and then crush and screen it. Or they use river stone to produce aggregate and sand.

Aggregate and sand suppliers when they consider to in which way they produce aggregate and sand, they have to decide which stone type produce. For exemple basalat, gabbro, dijabaz, granite, dolomyte, marble, limestone, calcite, river stone are main type of stones which can be used as sand and gravel.

Gravel/Ballast are the bigger diameter of stone on the other hand sand is the smaller diameter of stones. Aggregate nad sand suppliers decide diameters as per customer preferance. If customers decide to use asphalt fractions the screen meshes change and the fractions which customers requested is supplied. If they prefere to use concrete production the suppliers should use concrete fraction and change the meshes as per their preferance.

In this context, The suppliers encounter with clean material necessity. As you know the natural material is mixed in nature with earth, clay, wooden parts, etc.. Even if we explode from mine directly it necessate seperation to have rich material. Rich materials only have commercial value.

Seperation of material can be either with grizzly screns or washing. Washing is the best way for material/stone enrichment. But water shortage and envorimental regulations limit the suppliers. Water shortage is the main prolem of our market now. Our market has solved water consumption problem with filter press. Filter press provide us using the same water in seeral times without going waste. On washing plants, we can enrich the clayed materials with low power and water consumtions on filter press usage.

What is log washer ?

Log washers are the pre-washers from screening materials from 50-200mm. It is located before main screen and used as first scrubber. With log washers we can seperate the mud, clay, earth, soil, wooden parts from main material with high speed rotating shafts with pallets. Our log washers works as scrubber, clash the material each other with high speed and high volume such as 300-500 tph.

What is screw/fine material washer ?

Fine material washers are the mainly tertiary washers they washes the generallt 0-10mm material with low speed. They have got large weirs to seperate clay from sand. Also screw washers keep material in water to ensure the seperation beforer washing on shafts.

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